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We believe IP as a legal penumbra which can protect entrepreneurs and inventors in a competitive field.


Patent applications, for inventions, discoveries and designs based on patentable subject matter, utility, novelty, non-obviousness and enablement.


Claims of counterfeiting, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, false advertising, unfair competition, rights of publicity and other complaints / appeals.


copyright registration, copyright licensing agreements, protection of authorship, enforcement and defending clients’ copyrights, as per registrar of copyrights.


We provide commercial and IP litigation,which includes Inter partes review (IPR), post-grant review (PGR), and covered business method (CBM) reviews.


We provide Protection of qualities, characteristics or reputation for products identifying / associating / originating from a specific geographical location.


Protection from illegal making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design.

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    The Controversy of Myntra’s Logo change over “Offensive Remark”

    The famous e-commerce brand Myntra has decided to change its logo, after a complaint was filed with the cyber police, M

    The Designs (Amendment) Rules, 2021

    Author – Bharat Sharma , Pallavi Paul The recent amendment of the Designs Rules, 2021 was published by the Min

    Balancing Trademark Protection in Digital World

    Introduction: Licensed innovation alludes to the possession for its intangible product, this incorporates thoughts,

    The Concept of Traditional knowledge and patent issues

    INTRODUCTION The traditional knowledge of Indian products is more valuable than products in several other count

    Protection Of Well-known Marks

    Introduction Some Trademarks are so commonly and widely known to a large mass of people that using the same or simil

    What is a Copyright Infringement

    What is a copyright: Copyright is a lawful term used to depict the rights that makers have over their abstract and m

    Overlap Between Copyright and Design Law

    Introduction With ever expanding laws for protecting Intellectual Properties, there are times when multiple laws can

    International trends in Software Protection

    Author – Bharat Sharma, Charu Joshi Software industry is considered as the global powerhouse in this era. Natu

    The Implementation Of Madrid Protocol In The Trademark (AMENDMENT) Bill, 2009

    Author – Bharat Sharma, Charu Joshi Re-introduced in 2009, The Trademark (Amendment) Bill, 2009 sought to make

    Conceptual Issues Of Patenting Of Life Forms

    Author – Bharat Sharma, Navya Mishra Introduction A patent is an intellectual property right granted to a p

    Concept Of Trade Secrets In IPR Regime

    Author – Bharat Shrama, Apurvi Tiwari INTRODUCTION Due to advancement in technology and shareability of con

    Remedies for Online Copyright Infringement

    Author – Bharat Sharma, Akshi Sharma Copyright Copyright refers to the right of the owner of belongings of

    Exhaustion Of Rights And Parallel Import

    Author – Bharat Sharma Intellectual property rights are gaining much popularity worldwide on the other hand th

    Passing Off Action In Trademark

    Author – Bharat Sharma , Pragya Vaishnav Introduction:- The unique purpose of the trademark was purely to indi

    Concept of Deceptively Similar under Trademark Law

    Author – Bharat Sharma , Pallavi Paul INTRODUCTION Trademarks assume a crucial part in the making of a brand na


    Critical Analysis Of Novartis Case In IPR Regime

    Author – Bharat Sharma , Rohit Raj Chittigala Introduction As a component of a progression of changes to the In

    Critical Overview Of The Effect Of Non-use Of Trademarks

    Introduction:- The practice of the trademark by unlawful means or illegal means by producing it in trading is known

    Prior use of Trademark

    The all-around settled precept of the trademark law specifies that the privilege of prior user of the mark will win ove

    Critical Analysis of Joint Ownership of Copyright

    Author – Bharat Sharma , Eesha Das It goes without saying that author of the work is the first owner and has compl

    ClassicalTrinity of Passing Off

    INTRODUCTION: In the market place we often come across products which are pretty much identical to other products we

    Remedies Against Trademark Infringement

    INTRODUCTION In today’s fast-moving scenario, privacy has become a part of everyday life. Intellectual Proper


    The Concept Of Originality In Copyrights

    Introduction Copyrights are exclusive rights enjoyed by an author/artist in respect to their works in regards to pub


    Role Of IPR In Biodiversity

    INTRODUCTION Intellectual Property Rights accord legal protection to ideas and information that can be used in new p

    passing off

    Passing Off

    Introduction IPR enables individuals to affirm possession rights on the results of their innovativeness and cre


    Compulsory Licensing in Patent Law

    Patenting of innovation gives the patentee exclusive rights to make, use and sell the patent. This right exclud

    8-Step Guide To Register Your Trademark in India

    Online Trademark Registration Procedure Step 1:  Brand Name This is simply a short and best way for an

    Patent Registration in INDIA

    6-Step Guide To Register Patent in India

    STEP-1: PATENTABILITY SEARCH Before filing a patent application in India or in any other country, the first step

    3-Step Guide To Copyright Registration in INDIA

    COPYRIGHT ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTS: The Checklist 3 copies of the work if the work is published;If the work is not pu

    Force Majeure Verdict: Delhi High Court

    Halliburton Offshore Services Inc. V. Vedanta Ltd, 2020 SCC Online Del 542 Petitioner’s Counsel: Senior A

    Registration of the last date of Patent Agent Examination Extended

    With the Public Notice by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, signed by Dr Dinesh P Patil (Dy, Controller of Patents and Design) in th

    Generic versions of AstraZeneca’s patented

    Amid serious global attention on COVID-19 pandemic, India’s Natco Pharma has quietly launched the generic version

    India and US sign IP-MoU

    India and the US have signed an agreement on Intellectual Property ahead of US President Donald Trump’s visit. The Ca

    Impact of COVID-19 on IP

    As the governments of almost all the countries scramble to prevent and control the worsening trend of COVID- 19 crisis,

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