Delhi High Court grants injunction to Aaj Tak in trademark infringement case

Delhi High Court grants injunction to Aaj Tak in trademark infringement case

Aaj Tak owned, Living Media India Limited had filed a suit against & ors. for using the mark ‘AAJ TAK’ as a part of their website/domain names.

The plaintiff is the owner of the ‘Aaj Tak’ word, device, and composite mark. The plaintiffs claim that the defendants’ continuous use of the trademark as a part of their website address/domain names will impact the plaintiff and cause irreparable loss to their statutory and commercial interests.

Justice Rajiv Shakder of the Hon’ble Delhi High Court granted an injunction to the plaintiffs as the balance of convenience also appeared to be in their favor, given the fact that the plaintiffs have used the trademark in dispute extensively for their business purpose. Further, the Court directed the defendants to take down uploads from various social media handles in case they include the infringing material.

Recently, the plaintiff filed an application seeking impleadment of several defendants’ websites and prayed for suspension of their domain names. Further, they wanted an extension of the interim injunction order passed against the defendants for infringing their registered trademarks.

The plaintiff had earlier sought leave from the Court to approach the Court with an appropriate application against various rogue websites which keep emerging, leading to disruption of business and legal interests of the plaintiffs.

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Justice Suresh Kumar Rait of the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi believed that if the defendants are not impleaded, it shall amount to immense loss of goodwill and reputation of the plaintiffs. The Court extended the interim injunction order of 24.09.2020 and asked social media platforms Facebook and Google to suspend the domain names and web platforms using the plaintiff’s registered trademark.

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