Chemical Structure Search

Desire to patent your original idea in the Chemical or Pharmaceutical industries?  The structure from a legal perspective is difficult to understand as well as compare. It requires thorough knowledge for various structures, compounds, genes ad its composition. ZestIP chemistry team consists of well-versed experts in genetics, bio technology and organic chemistry.

We perform Chemical Structure Search on paid and free chemical databases including the databases with structure searches features. Chemical searching is made more efficient with the help of relevant synonyms of the chemical structure we are going to search for. We generate effective search strategies to be used in chemical patent database to dig out each and every relevant prior art reference. We have a dedicated team of chemical technology which includes experts in specialized chemistry areas.

Faster Chemical Patents with the help of Chemical Structure Searches

The chemical and materials sciences business is one in which the standard that new patents are detained to is very high. Claims necessitate being novel and non-obvious. Your specification has to be allowed and you necessitate lots of examples. Our experience in patent search process in thousands of chemical patent searches and materials helps us you to identify the relevant prior art relevant to your invention to smooth en your process for patent grant. In an industry where breakthroughs can create a race to the patent office, our experience can put you ahead of your competition and help you in avoiding unnecessary office actions with well-planned research.

Our knowledge& expertise:

Our Patent Professionals have their Masters and PhDs spanning the fields of chemistry, molecular biology, molecular biophysics, organic chemistry, genetics and other biotechnology fields. They have worked on products and processes including cosmetics, soaps and shampoos; materials science-engineering and testing and process manufacturing and ready to provide you with best chemical structure / patent search services.