Evidence of Use Charts

Are you an innovative group? You have deep, rich patent portfolios that might be infringed upon by rivals? Our deeply structured process of Evidence of Use(EoU) Chart (also known as Claim Charts) generation will provide a complete image of selected assets and infringers. This kind of search yields evidence that speak about your patent’s claims to product literatures and patent activity to hep infringement allegations or to improve the strength of a patent for assertion.

The team at ZestIP has broad experience in creating Evidence of Use (EoU) Charts. We modify charts as per our customer necessities. When a custom work is necessary, we frequently apply several analysis techniques in order to generate high quality claim charts. Wherever possible, we apply existing analysis and knowledge prior to doing any custom work. We have worked upon more than 750 claim charts and delivering the court ready claim charts to all our customers.

The Need

Evidence of Use (EoU) Chart helps you:

* Recognize potential infringement of your existing patents. If you are selling patent assets, proof of patent infringement can assist strengthen the terms of the sale.

* Identify vertical technology areas, or silos. Lots of technologies make use of common subsystems or techniques of getting their means, so interim patent and product literature studies are serious to identifying the right target companies. We work closely with you during this significant phase to make out the number and kind of technology silos that set up the scope of your study.

* Evaluate potential patent infringement. Our analysts work with your specialist and counsel to analysis your patent portfolio and make out the candidates that have a high potential for being infringed upon. Typically, the patents we choose are used in profitable products with a large market presence. After the selection process, we build schedules that become the basis for recognizing specific technologies and potentially related practicing entities.

About Zest IP

Why Us

Searching.Every infringement study start with search and analysis based on the claims of the subject patent. Unlike a Patent Validity Search, this is centered patent literature that postdates the subject patent. As patent literature offers detail that is frequently lacking in the actual product literature, this initial search provides a landscape of competitive and non-competitive companies. On a similar pattern, a direct Google search is also performed for the existing products in the market.

* Claims mapping.Using this information, we perform comprehensive searches of product literature, product catalogs, corporate websites, press releases, and more. We recognize products to pair with related patents and generate claims charts that map the product literature, product terms, patents, figures, and pictures to the claims of the patent you are studying.

* Analysis.In some cases, products are bought and reverse engineered. For some technologies, we can also make easy third party laboratory analysis services to further improve your claims charts.

* Release of results.We carry this powerful body of information in clear, well organized reports and claims mapping charts.