Patent Validity or Invalidity Searches

Patent validity or invalidity searches require being very wide as these searches have limitless potential. If a business has an inclination to invalidate a competitor’s patent, it has the option to continue probing till it discovers data that can assist in its mission. Due to the vast number of patents, patent applications, and related non patent publications accessible worldwide, it is necessary to cover all the possible bases.  So, it is of utmost significance to conduct as thorough and detailed a search as is possible.

What is a Patent validity or Invalidity Search?

A study for understanding the strength of patent claims.  A patent invalidity or patent validity search can be employ to find out the possibility of an invalidity defense when facing a patent infringement suit. Invalidity prior art searches are used to invalidate a patent that has been or may be emphasize. It also may also be employ to proactively assess the validity of a patent prior to impose it.

The purpose of the validity/invalidity search is either to validate the enforce ability of a patent’s claims or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent correspondingly. The search is restricted to a cutoff date determined from the priority date of the objective patent.

ZestIP Patent Validity search uncovers patents or other prior art, published before the earliest priority date of the target patent, which might make a arranged patent invalid.  We deliver a full Patent validity search report, a claims mapping chart, and electronic copies of any cited prior art. We have been assisting huge corporations and law firms in generating proof of invalidity based upon the prior art. It serves as the first line of defense in patent infringement accusations.  The entire search performed by experienced USA lawyer and IP professional’s expert of Patent Laws.

We run thorough prior art search on the claims features. All publicly accessible documents or evidence of public disclosure prior to the filing of the target patent are examined.

Our Patent Validity searches comprise:


Published patent applications

Non patent literature

What we require from you:

Patent number and first priority date for the target patent

Exact claims you would like to invalidate

Results of earlier searches

Any extra info about litigation that could assist to guide the search strategy

When you need a Patent validity or Invalidity Search

There are 3 circumstances in which a Patent Validity Search is normally employ

Invalidate Patent Infringement

If you have been charge for infringing a patent, you can employ a Validity Search to try to cancel that patent. Attending negotiations with a plain envelope containing invalidate prior art always assists you convey an air of assurance.

Get ready for Patent Enforcement

Previous to you sue somebody for infringing your parent; you should carry out a Patent validity or invalidity searches to verify the strength of your legal claims previous to you begin incurring massive legal fees. A Validity Search can validate enforce ability or identify earlier unknown prior art that might be problematic to your defense.

Previous to Patent Licensing

Previous to licensing technology, you should carry out a Validity Search to see whether the licensor has a legitimate claim to the patent. Likewise a Validity Search can verify your patent claims and potentially increase the fees you charge for licensing your technology.

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