What is a Patent Landscape?

Patent landscaping is a type of research process that creates an overview of the patents that are pending or in place in a particular area. Patent landscaping is usually conducted by in house attorneys, patent lawyers or other patent law experts.

A patent landscape analysis will assist you to get an overview of a technology sector, your opponents or chronological growth in a field of technology. In addition, it can also assist you to better evaluate the economic value of a patent portfolio.

A patent landscape analysis will assist you to recognize the following:

1.Technology leaders and their IP strategies

2.Technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes

3. Exclusive selling points of companies

4. Power and weaknesses of patent portfolios

5. The innovative focus of companies, business and nations

Why Us

ZestIP team is working with business decision makers all over the world for many years for providing expert patent landscape services and patent landscape reports. Our expert team includes professional patent analysts, scientists and PhDs who carry out rigorous data mining, data analysis and data visualization to make a patent landscape report. We offer our customers a chance to read the intelligence report provided by us at different zoom levels.

ZestIP team explores and tracks technologies to offer strategic direction on technology investments for its customers. Our specialist team of patent analysts makes a patent landscape that assist customers recognize competitive and technology trends. We also offer customers with a database of patents which can be updated and used for internal analysis. Customers can also obtain add on business research on the landscape to gain extra insights and take better business decisions. A patent landscape report will usually contain info regarding whether your competitors are patenting in the same business or research areas as your company. It may also turn up info on any new entrants to the market in your area and whether there are any patents pending that are like to your outstanding or upcoming patent applications. A patent landscape report is not an exhaustive list of patents. Instead, it contains a snapshot of the patent circumstances at a particular time. Our Patent Landscape report permits you to derive comprehensive competitive intelligence for the area of your interest and helps you to identify where you stand in competition.

About Zest IP

Our analysis includes:

1. Drafting Technology and Landscape Analysis Reports based on technology and market trends

2. Develop future research and development strategies based on product and opponent analysis

3. Technology assessment and mapping

4. Recognition of patents related to competitors technology

5. Recognition of technology leaders and their IP strategies

6. Recognition of technological positioning of companies and their chronological changes

There are lots of possibilities with a patent landscape analysis. We would be pleased to talk about your requirements with you and offer you with a tailor made analysis.