Patent litigation is very expensive and takes years to resolve. The decision to enforce or challenge a patent is a vital one and must take into account the company’s overall business goals and strategies. The early association of a patent litigation counsel and a support firm is crucial to the outcome. The combination of a law firm that takes care of all legal work and a support firm that takes care of all technical work increases the success probability. Most importantly, we reduce the overall cost by allowing your attorneys to focus on their case preparation. Our team was been part of number of cases and have worked with law firms for years on huge litigation cases.

Pre Trial Assessments and Claim Construction Charts
We offer a number of Pre trial assessment services that help client’s ascertain the strength and preparedness of the case. Services like e-discovery, document review, reverse engineering, teardown and code review help in further strengthening the case. We also assist attorneys in zeroing down on best possible claim construction and prepare charts that include intrinsic and extrinsic evidences. These charts help a lot while preparing for Markman hearing.

File Wrapper Analysis
File wrappers or file histories hold a lot of valuable information that is generally overlooked because of the huge time required to completely analyze them. We at Effectual Services provide all this important information in couple of sheets so that it can be easily analyzed. The inclusions of this report are bibliographic details, legal and technical analysis of the entire life span of a patent. File history estoppels, if any, are also highlighted.

Invalidity Searches and claim charts
An invalidity search involves conducting a thorough patent and non-patent literature search to identify prior art that might invalidate the patent. The resultant report includes the details of potential prior art literature and a mapping of the claims to the relevant text. We also analyze other legal aspects such as antecedent and enablement issues, non compliance to duty of disclosure, etc. These findings might help in strengthening our client’s invalidity assertions. All these findings are presented in the form of claim charts.

Invalidity Contentions
We help our clients review and respond to adverse party’s invalidity claims and expert reports by finding out the technical differences. This service helps the attorneys frame very strong arguments.