Patent Proofreading – A necessary part of patent life cycle.


Patent is a legal document which enforces your privileges with regard to a particular invention, but if the patent application is incorrectly worded or has mistakes, then are you well protected? Well, to keep away from erroneous enforceability it is significant that you get Patent Proofreading Services prior to submitting the same in front of the authorities, at the time of the notice of allowance and even after the grant of the patent.It is general practice to utilize Patent proofreading service of a specialized organization to proofread your patent application. Do go for a trustworthy Patent Proofreaders company because the quality of the work will have a big impact on the enforceability of your patent.Patent Proofreading Service

Patent Proofreading is a significant step in recognizing errors that can have an effect on the patent’s enforceability.

Also, as very well known, that most of the granted patents have mistakes. It is found in an study that 98% of the patents granted by the USPTO has mistakes. These errors could have negative impact on enforceability of the Patent claims and even more throughout the court case stage. So, it is essential to proofread these errors and acquire a certificate of correction as soon as the patent proprietor comes across these mistakes to keep away from future losses.

The major object of patent proofreading services is to recognize errors in the patent application draft, which otherwise can lead to unnecessary office actions rejection of patent applications. The mistakes could comprise grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, formatting mistakes, antecedent basis mistakes, claim dependency mistakes, and mistakes in drawing, illustration or even claim constancy with respect to the description.

Patent proofreading services includes:

* Language verification for grammar, and spelling errors

* File formatting as per Patent Office Rules

* Dependence confirmation

* Reliability verification

* Verify on correct antecedent basis


At ZestIP, our experienced patent proofreaders carefully proofread every page of the patent or patent application and alterations are done according to the standard guidelines of the Patent Office. Strict quality verification is carried out next in order to make sure completely error free copy and in the end the draft is submitted for a final review. We also proof read issued patents and offer a summary of errors and inconsistencies, which a patentee can employ to request a Certificate of Correction.

Our patent proofreaders provides high quality results by following exact standardized rules for checking grammar, formatting, spellings,  claim dependency, and drawing inconsistencies.

Our inclusive proofreading service includes:

The procedure of our Patent Proofreading services includes all the office actions, alterations and other changes made to the application before submission. Our Proofreading expert run thorough manual as well as perform automatic verification simultaneously to make sure that a patent is free of any mistake. With the help of our proprietary “Three Stages (3S)”of quality control and quality guarantee processes and methodologies, we offer the highest quality patent proofreading services.

Some of the process steps which are followed by our experts include:

* Ensuring that the right and latest drawings appear in the Issued Patent.

* Comparing every paragraph of the requirement as issued and the requirement as filed, to verify that all requirement Amendments during trial are included in the issue patent.

* Evaluating issued patent claims with respect to the most recent claims. Checking the integration of each claim according to the renumbering accessible in the trial history etc.

Contact us now for Patent Proofreading Services. Working with ZestIP is most likely be your best bet in terms of quality and cost effectiveness!