When you have a huge patent and trademark portfolio, then tracking of all legal deadlines becomes very important. Precise docketing and effective paralegal support becomes the backbone of your prosecution processes.

Patent & Trademark docketing or generally Intellectual Property (IP) Docketingis a system for managing the application process of IP Matters. Docketing is a vital tool for IPlaw firms, as it can be hard to organize the application process for hundreds and thousands of patents, trademarks and other IP matters without an effective docketing system to keep track of numerous deadlines and documents involved. IP Docketing makes sure that all the deadlines are met and all the documents are labeled and kept in the right file, so they can be retrieved as and when necessary.

Docketing Services are of immense value proposition when the IP portfolio comprises a large number of IP Mattters, which need to be monitored, updated, and managed with no margin of error.

Outsourcing of docketing leads to improved quality and reduction in cost spent on paralegal time. All important correspondence from the patent office including dates regarding patent application is properly docketed in advance, and timely reminders are provided to clients so that not a single deadline is missed.

Docketing Process

Docketing Process also includes entering each document into a database so attorneys can easily call up a list of all documents in the application file and any dates associated with each document. For example, a patent attorney may need to see if any deadlines are coming up for filing a piece of paperwork with the USPTO. The docketing database can be used to alert the attorney of filing or other deadlines. Docketers must also scan copies of documents, create templates and forward documents to other law firms as required.

Our Approach

We have effective Patent and Trademark docketing processes and teams to help maintain and take essential actions to meet deadlines pertaining to an application. All important dates regarding patent, trademark  and other IP Matters’ applications are properly docketed and timely alerts are given by us so that the client does not miss any deadline.We keep track of all the pre-filing, post filing and post grant dates and deadlines associated with our customer’s patents and trademarks.

Our Docketing Solution Incorporates

Experienced Docketing Experts

Dedicated Docketing team

Alert and accountable

Top Practices

Remove risk of missed deadlines

Boost quality of communications

Receive customized reminders

Optimize internal productivity


Cloudbased software

Robust data safety and backup

Fast on boarding

Minimal onboard disruption